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My name is Margarita Silva Wood; I am Chilean, a mother of 3 children, and currently based in Brisbane, Australia. I am a clinical psychologist who is an expert in childhood sleep. In 2018, I was certified as a Gentle Sleep Coach with the Sleep Lady methodology to work with children between 6 months and six years old. Later I got my certification to work with newborn babies and their families.

I founded Sweet Nap after identifying many women struggling with bedtime stress with their children and, consequently, the lack of good rest.

I studied and reviewed much information until I found a methodology that made sense. I got certified and applied my knowledge with my first child and was amazed at the results. From that moment, I began to work with different families, and to this day, I continue to train myself to provide better advice to the families I accompany.

If you review the rest of the pages of my website, you will see that they are in Spanish, and I wanted to make this space in English to reach those looking for a solution to improve your child's sleep quality and yours.

My methodology is based on accompanying your child's sleep process gently and slowly to help him sleep well. I know that each family, and each child, is different, so in me, you will find personalized advice, at your own pace, with what makes sense.

I invite you to get to know me through testimonials from the families I have helped. Follow me on IG or message me at


"It took more than a month of learning, and even though there is still a long way to go to reach the final goal, our son has gained independence in his sleep, he feels less tired and in a better mood, and we have achieved key concepts in our journey as parents"

Dan's family. 19 months old

"The changes we have experienced are impressive. Since we started with Margarita, our little girl began to sleep much better, with significant changes thanks to the routine given. In addition, having a platform to manage sleep makes this path easier and friendlier"

Lou's family. 30 months old

"We are very grateful for the method that Margarita showed us. Because it wasn't just the way we make our baby fall asleep change but also how we set limits. My baby is in a better mood, no longer stays awake at night, and we can rest a little longer. Thank you very much, Margarita, for your help"

Clara's parents. 24 months old


Aimed at parents who want to improve their children's sleep quality. I will be your permanent companion to ensure your child has a restful sleep and you can rest. Includes a diagnosis and an average sleep plan.


Aimed at families who want to educate themselves about their babies' sleep or acquire healthy sleep habits during the first months of life. Includes a 90-minute consultation plus two follow-up sessions.


Aimed at families who want to share their experiences, discover networks, and want to learn about childhood sleep

​Minimum four families - Maximum 8

AUD 30 per family

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